Campus Compact Webinar October 24

From 2:00-3:15 PM (Central), Campus Compact will be hosting a webinar titled, “Realizing Sustainable Campuses, Resilient Communities and Meaningful Student Career Pathways.” The facilitators will be Stephen Miller, Deputy Director at Strategic Energy Innovations, and Jake Pollack, Associate Program Manager at Strategic Energy Innovations.

Registration is free for Campus Compact members, which include faculty at Loras College.

For more information and to register, visit the webinar page.

Project Rationale

Benjamin Darr, Ph.D. and Christoffer Lammer-Heindel, Ph.D.

Humanity’s relationship to the environment is, in all likelihood, the defining issue of our time.  The need for environmentally sustainable human practices has never been clearer or better understood, yet nearly all of the practices of modern life are organized around unsustainable modes of production, distribution, and consumption. We can clearly see our global impacts on the environment in many different ways, including climate change, sea level rise, deforestation, and overfishing, to name just a few.  Taking into consideration the combined magnitude of humanity’s environmental impacts inescapably leads one to the realization that environmental sustainability is not just an urgent priority, but the definitive global challenge of our era. As such, an understanding of ecological systems and our relations to them—what can be called ecoliteracy—is an indispensable piece of the well-rounded liberal arts education that Loras College aims to provide to students.

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